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Photography and Videography
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Who We Are?

Eternal Vows Photography and Videography is a private company owned by Anelda Pretorius, who is based in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. We specialise in several fields of photography, videography and design.

What We Do?

Our services include a range of photography packages, basic and advanced photoshop editing, album designs, wedding videography and video post-production.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to capture those special moments that shapes and defines your journey.

To build a continuous relationship and provide our clients with elegant, professional and passionate works.

Our Vision?

Our vision is to inspire the beauty of life and to be a leading company in our industry that continuously grows.

Where it all started?

My mother had a very distinctive love for photography. At a very young age, I became deeply intrigued by her photography and the connected emotions behind each photograph. Luckily, photo-bombing my mother while she was taking pictures, wasn’t the end of my exploration. That’s actually where it all started. I loved being part of something timeless and magnificent.


Up until this day, she continuously amazes me with her attentiveness and patience regarding photography. My mother said: “Any story can be imagined but a visual can say more than words can ever tell”. Isn’t it beautiful? A visual has the power to refine ones perspective and give us the ability to store emotion into a frame. Being able to ‘relive’ a moment in time is just extraordinary, uplifting and inspiring. It’s beyond beautiful.”


CEO Anelda Pretorius

About Anelda Pretorius?

Anelda Pretorius studied at The Open Window Institute of Arts and Digital Sciences. She earned a BA Degree in Visual Communication Design in 2015. She also did many electives during her studies that involved Photography, Film, Arts and Sound Design. After her studies at the Open Window institute of Arts and Digital Sciences, she has been freelancing in these fields ever since. She then decided to establish Eternal Vows Photography and Videography in 2019.